Whisper Site Up! - 09/16/06 1424hrs

Welcome to the Whisper site, where all news about the new short film by Tom Lin will be updated. As most of you already know, the Whisper trailer has been up already for about a week, and it's been received fairly well. Go check out the street team section to see what you can do to help us today!

"Stops, outtakes, and everything you didn't want from the film" added onto the outtakes section - 09/21/06 1754hrs

Christina (Co-star and Producer of Whisper) had this idea of just editing a montage of all the times I've said stop in the film (Instead of saying 'cut' like every real director), so I did that, and a bunch of funny outtakes we did for the movie. Check it out, it'll be worth it before the real movie comes out!

Whisper movie done and up! - 10/10/06 1413hrs

After waiting for weeks to get the final scene, we've finally finished and completed the first movie in the Whisper project. Thanks to everyone who assisted us in all of it, and remember, join the street team and help us spread this movie out to everyone! See you all when Whisper 2: Voices is in production! Enjoy the flick!

Site updated - 01/09/07 0409hrs

New ways to download the movie now. You can either do it through bittorrent now or also through direct download for a better version of the movie than the one that's been up on Youtube. The original story is also up for reading, in case you want to see how it all started before we put the camera at work. Also check out my newest movie, Manuscript, which is also up on Youtube, or visit our main site, for more details.

Whisper 2 in post-production - 03/08/07 1532hrs

Whisper 2, 'Whisper - Voices' has finished shooting and ready for editing! That means that a Whisper 2 site will be up soon along with trailer and information about the new film. Check back later on for more information!

Dual-project: Message and Blue! - 05/11/07 0520hrs

Trailer and site up! Editing for the short films 'Message', 'Blue' and 'Whisper: Voices' is now on schedule. Check for more details on 'Message' and 'Blue', along with the trailers for both movies.

Whisper: Voices finished and Whisper: Zero trailer up - 06/08/07 1354hrs

Whisper: Voices finally finished and online! Check to either view it in compressed youtube, or you can bittorrent it or download it straight from the site with the original resolution version. Also, Whisper: Zero is in the can and the trailer and website is up. Check for the trailer.

Blue, edited and online! - 07/26/07 1341hrs

Blue is finished, and on youtube now! Check out Bittorrent will be placed up tonight, and the direct download will most likely follow soon after!

Restore trailer online, also, XY95 - 11/03/07 1341hrs

The trailer for the "experimental film" Restore is up online at Also, XY95, a film made for a few contests, is also up online at The website contains a direct download for the 'director's cut' version of the film.

Whisper Zero, XY95 director's cut and Showdown - 12/28/07 0218hrs

The final film for Whisper Zero is finally up at, check it out and see if the wait had been worth it. Also, XY95's "director's cut" version is also now up at, this is from the version that we originally had, instead of the cut down version we had to do due to time constraints on the contests. Also, my acting project "Showdown" is also up here, directed and written by Christina Chan (Ghost from Whisper series).

New Whisper and Whisper:Voices website, trailer for Restore and Voss - 06/24/08 1314hrs

Thanks to my brother (Check out his website at, Whisper and Whisper: Voice's websites have been updated. Check them out at and respectively. The new website will allow you to view the movies at a better resolution than the ones allowed by youtube, as well as the ability to download the movie with direct download. The websites and trailers for upcoming projects Restore and Voss are also up, at and

Restore movie finished! - 07/09/08 2301hrs

Restore is finally finished. Check it out at the site at Also posted, is the original script used for the movie.