Hybrid Heavens

By Tom Lin

The truth is that I just forgot
About the things that once made you happy
The rainbows that broke through the skies
Coloring it out of the monotonous blue light.

Yesterday I made you cry again
Because I didnít give a damn anymore about anything
And gave up the dreams that I once cared about
Yes, Iím just impulsive in that strange, weird way

[Music slows down]
When we first met
Did you even cared?
About my mistakes and everythings
The lost stares that populated my eyes

*Chorus *
Can you feel? The future slipping away
The heavens that we once wanted to touch
It all slipped away when I turned my eyes from it
And let it all lose away in a wave of depression

The truth is I used to have a goal
The dreams that I wanted to accomplish in life
The daydreams that once populated my mind
Are now filled with the abyss that goes on endlessly

Today I upset your heart again
By leaving again and looking for that somebody else
Iím not even sure if that is who I really need
No, this time Iím really trying to tell you the truth

[Music slows down]
When you knew me better
Did you realized who I really was?
The dreamer that slipped away when difficulty struck
And pains that I refused to admit were true?

*Chorus *

[Music break]

*Chorus *

*Second Chorus *
I can feel, myself slipping away from you again
Falling through that mist that used to be our skies
And losing you away because I just gave up in my life
To follow you and be by your side at all times

*Third Chorus *
I donít know, I used to believe you were my answer
But now even my certainty canít keep me from straying away
And believing in you was my only way to gain life
Iím weak and losing this hybrid heaven that used to be yoursÖ
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