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Welcome to Against Studios. This site is a showcase of projects that we have done for ourselves for various reasons. These works are not intended for children. You have been warned.


Tom Lin

Voss finished. Basically done with all the old footage I've had stored for like a year or so. I have ideas for 2 more flicks before I run out of ideas, and even now, I'm more concentrated in starting a sort of multi-media project and also a new manga, before I can even write a new script. I do have "Blue 2" ready, so I guess that is always a script to go back to, heh.

Enjoy, like always, and let me know what you think of it if you'd like.


Tom Lin

It took a while, but hey, Restore is finally here. Filmed over a year ago, with the poster announcement like, almost a year ago, uh, it's here, and, wow, is it worth it. I think. Well, it's sort of shorter than I thought, and I had to get a few extra scenes since I somehow missed them, but it was good, and it was great. I think. Anyway, head over to the site for the finalized movie and the original script, which was written in a single write and without any previous planning, just basing it off some idea that hit off when I was driving home.

Here's the question. Would anybody even care about a director's commentary for any of these movies? Because, seriously, if you want to, I'd like to experiment with it and see what we can do with it. Either way, enjoy, and hope to see you all soon. Like, very, very soon!


Tom Lin

You want to check the future of Against Studios' website? You want to see where we're going for? Well, I'll show you what were going for. Check out the new websites for both Whisper and Whisper: Voices. You see it? You know what we're going for? Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks to my brother, John, we may be upgrading the website for something awesome.

On the actual content side, I'm halfway through editing Restore. It, uh, needs some more time, so it'll come out soon.

Talk to you then! Check new websites out!


Tom Lin

Okay, so it's been like five months since I updated last, but I wasn't exactly just doing nothing. It's just that, well, life got in the way. But I'm still doing things here and there when I can, and to vouch for that, I present the trailer for Voss, which will hopefully get me to finish Restore. Oy...


Tom Lin

Hey, happy new years, and what better way to get prepared for the next year than with a new movie? Yeah, you know it! Whisper Zero is finally finished and up online. Also, this has been up for a bit, but I kept forgetting to put it into the updates. Christina Chan (Ghost girl from the Whisper series) had written and directed the sequel to her movie Message, which makes it a sort of pseudo-sequel to Blue, in a way. Unlike most of our films, I was not involved with it at all besides acting (Reprising my role as Jack from Message/Blue), so it was actually pretty nice to not have to stress about the pre and post production of the film. Check it out here. I'm sure you'll have fun with it.

That's all till next year, I think, where the first update should be the trailer to a new film!

...I hope...


Tom Lin

Merry f'ing X-mas! How's everybody been? Did anybody finish Nanowrimo last month? Well, I know I didn't. But that doesn't mean that the story will just end because the time limit is gone. No, in fact, it'll keep going on, and anybody interested, I guess can still head over to the LJ page I've been posting the novel on, and keep reading as it trickles out time after time.

My X-mas gift to you all includes this wonderful director's cut version of XY95! Yeah, I know I said in the last entry (Over a month ago) that it'd be up soon, but hey, anybody who reads this site knows I'm not punctual with releases, because if I was, I'm sure this site would be more popular. Anyway, enjoy it, and hopefully I'll have more stuff out before next year!


Tom Lin

Yes, it's been a while, been busy with real life and stuff, but now I'm back, which, uh, I guess it's good? Got a few things that are new for you. First of all, we finished a short movie for a contest and is now also online, I'd recommend that you go vote for it here, since you also get to see the film too. The "director's cut" version of Xy95 will be up soon on it's own website, so go check it out later on when you get time. The next few things have been available for a few months, but I just didn't get time to update it yet, so here goes. The trailer for my experimental film, Restore, is now online. I'll start editing once I finish the work on Whisper: Zero. Also, I've uploaded the unfinished pages of the second Volume of Dark Sights, drawn by a different artist by the name of Mark O. While the project is stalled, it's far from death, since Amie, the original artist of the series, have picked up interest upon seeing the unfinished pages, so more Dark Sights might be up later on. We're also working on a multimedia project, along with the shooting of the second Blue movie.

Also, this month is the National Novel Writing Month, Nanowrimo to be short, as writers, such as myself, will struggle to write an entire novel of over 50,000 words in the month of November. I have a LJ account that I've been using for my writings, and I'll be posting the one I'm doing for Nanowrimo up there. If you're interested, just click here and you'll be able to check it out. And if you're already writing for it and have a profile, you can add me on. My user site is here.

Is that all? I sure hope so, this entry has become quite long...

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