By Josie Lin and Tom Lin

After Ergo [[Sum], I was unsure of what to do as the next mini-comic, due to the fact that I was running out of time to think of a new comic to put out for SPACE, and the other project I was doing was actually using a script, so I was unable to do it on the fly as my usual mini-comics. That was when Josie came in for help. I met her at Janimes forum after Linmi caught her attention, and we started talking online. She sent me a script for a short scene through e-mail, and I decided to draw something based on it. Although it took me a while to know what to do in order to extend that scene into 20 pages of story, I finally got it through both dumb luck and frustrations with my job.

Josie is drawing her own version of the script, which hopefully she'll let me put it up as a companion to this piece.

Duet, like Ergo [Sum], is set to premiere at SPACE in the new mini-comic versions.]

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