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Tom Lin

Wow, it's been that long since I last updated? Oh, well, I'm sure the two readers out there are already accustomed to my random update times. Today, we have the finished film for Blue out, in both youtube stream form and also downloadable bittorrent form. We'll get the direct download form out eventually, but for now, enjoy!


Tom Lin

Yeah! We're moving along fast! Just a couple days after Whisper: Voices' premiere, and we're already announcing and showing off the trailer for the prequel of the Whisper series, Whisper: Zero. Since it's the prequel, don't expect too much scare there, or, well, any at all, since it's pretty much a straight drama about Lan, the ghost girl character in both Whisper films. Stay tuned for more, I say, because Blue's next on the list!


Tom Lin

Direct download of the original resolution version of Whisper: Voices is on the website now, along with the bittorrent link, in case that's what you're into, heh.


Tom Lin

Final cut of Whisper: Voices is out. Go check it out, it's worth your time and more. And if you checked my LJ often, then you should know that we got more movie projects coming out soon, so don't forget to come back soon to check out for more details!


Tom Lin

New movies finished with new trailers up, this time, it's a dual-project between Christina, who's acted as the "ghost girl" in both of the Whisper flicks, and myself. What does a dual-project mean? Why, the best way to find out is by actually checking the link out!

As everyone knows by now, Spider-man 3 sucked balls, so let's just forget I even talked about it, and go on with our merry ways. I'm starting the editing of Whisper: Voices tomorrow, so hopefully that movie will be out before Summer is out (It was originally supposed to release in Spring, but drawing comics for SpACE ruined that).

Oh, and I may start a serial story here soon. So keep checking back for more!


Tom Lin

As promised earlier, here's this year's rendition of our popular SPACE sketchbook, which is actually almost twice as long due to the fact that we were there two days instead of just one. Also, there's the samples of the comics that premiered there, Daysleepers and Owner's manual for the Dredd Machine. Both available for purchase soon, once we set the online store up. But if you can't wait, just click here and send me an email telling me what you want out of our printed comics, and we'll figure something out. I think that's it, since I gotta work in the morning. I'll hopefully get the new movie's site up, and maybe finish Whisper's sequel eventually.

Spidey 3 out!


Tom Lin

Hey, look, new comic by Amie Key, the artist of Dark Sights, splitting off and writing/illustrating a comic of her own! Well, she's been doing that most of the time, but just haven't had anything displayed for the studio yet. Maybe I should ask her more often for stuff. She should be updating the comic whenever a new page is drawn. Keep your eyes peeled, this year's SPACE sketchbook should be out in a few days or so, along with sampl;es of our comics that were on sale this year!


Tom Lin

SPACE is done, and we're back with small updates here and there. As you can see, we've updated you with my latest failure for Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga contest. This is just an appetizer of things to come, including samples of the things we had at SPACE, our crappy new online store, more movies and finally new stuff from Amie Key. So yeah, check back later, when we got more stuff and so on...


Tom Lin

Hey, look, we got another movie up. Whoo! Whisper: Voices is the sequel to the first film I made, Whisper, and although the story for the film had been finished since before the first movie was even shooting, we had problems finding time to shoot the flick. Well, now the trailer is out, and I hope to eventually get the movie out soon. So enjoy, and get yer popcorns ready!

Also, our beloved printing company went out of business, so don't really expect us to bring to SPACE any shiny new comics in print. We'll keep going online though, as much as we can. Ciao!


Tom Lin

Happy 2007, and we are back for more. Well, a little bit more than we had before. First of all, thanks to everybody who supported Whisper, which we've updated now with the original story and also a direct download link, in case you want to watch a better version than the cropped one they had at Youtube. Secondly, we moved to a new server, so it should be, hopefully, faster than before. Third, people who purchased comics from me before have been able to get into a special bonus section for the last year or so, but hey, we all friends now, so I've unlocked the section and placed them around the site. Those unlocked goodies includes deleted scenes from Dark Signs Vol. 2, interview and original story for Duet, and the adaptation of the original script for Babylon's Run in comic form! In case you don't know, Babylon's Run is being made into a live-action movie by Christina, who wrote the original script and also gracefully starred in Whisper, and you can check out the trailer in case it's piqued your curiosity.

On the comic side, I have finished something, but it's once again a thing I've put in to Tokyopop, so we'll all have to wait for its rejection before it's posted up here again, so be patient, my friends. I'll be busy doing a few more projects for SPACE, so if you can't wait for more, come check us out there, and we'll make you regret you never did before (Or regret you were alive, one of those). Also, we're looking for a new printing company for our comics too, so if you know of any cool ones, let your pals at Against Studios know, alright?

That all, peeps, see ya when I restart Ergo [Sum] again!


Tom Lin

In case you wonder what's been going on, well, surprise, we got our first Against Studios movie finished and up online, go check it out at the Whisper site! Frankly, I gotta admit, the ending scenes could be better, but I still like it enough. Let's hope the next few productions goes better...

Oh, and since I got a new job, full of overtimes, and this movie, Ergo [Sum] is delayed for a few weeks, but I'll definitely try to get it up as soon as I can. Sorry, sorry, and even more sorries once again for those of you waiting for the next pages. I'll try to get them out as soon as I can.

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