Experimental film script by Tom Lin


Continuous shot, Joss gets dragged out of the house, and thrown onto the back porch. Looks up, has a gun pointed at his head.


Nil: “Repent. For all of your sins.”


Joss: “What do you think you’re doing?”


N: “What am I doing? I’m taking revenge for the ones that you’ve killed.”


J: “Revenge?”


N: “Bella. Revenge for my Bella. Which you have taken away from me.”


J: “Bella?”


N: “My wife!”


J: “Do you even know what you’re talking about?”


N: “Repent.”


J: “You’re not even sure what you’re talking about.”


N: “I don’t need to talk, for I already know what I need to do.”


J: “Stop.”


N: “It’s too late for that now.”


J: “Do you even remember anything else besides how your wife died?”


N: “Does it matter?”


J: “Do you remember where you both first met? Do you remember your first date? Do you remember even kissing her or being in her embrace?”


Nil is speechless.


J: “Or how about your parents? Or your friends? Or the streets of your hometown?”


Nil is unable to remember.


J and N: “You can’t. Because you’re not real. You’re only a persona in my mind.”


N: “What are you talking about?”


J: “You are a figment of my imagination, created to dump all the depression that I had.”


N: “I…”


J and N:  “The only girl that ever existed was her. The only one that mattered. But we both know what happened to her.”


N and J: “No…”


J: “Yes. You know.”


N, tears coming out of his eyes: “No… It’s all just a trick. It’s all just a…”


J: “Do you remember your childhood? Your first bike? Do you even remember your name?”


N: “Shut up! Stop trying to trick my mind!!!”


J, looks up at Nil, with a serious look: “Enough. We are done.” FX psychic power.


N, in pain: “Aaaaah!” Falls to his knees in pain, looks up, the gun in his hand is gone.


N and J, whispering: “How do you restore yourself from your own pain?”


J: “I’m tired of running away from my own memories.”


Nil looks up, tears pouring out of his eyes.


J and N: “I’m tired of hiding away from myself.” Lifts the gun slowly and points at Nil.


Nil starts disappearing, phasing in and out of reality.


Joss becomes Nil, lifts the gun slowly and says: “Bang.”


Nil is gone.


Nil looks up, camera turns toward the skies.


Nil senses someone besides him, shoots towards the camera.



Original script
Street Team