Babylon's Run


The blood was seeping out of his wound, as he lied on the floor, his head on Allys’ knees, wounded, looking up tiredly at her, looking up blankly at her.

“John, you idiot…” Was all that she could say, tears coming out of her, trying hard not to sob, trying hard not to give up on him, because that would just be so easy. “Damn it, where were you, John? Where were you?”

Looking up at her, he kind of smiled, and kind of looked faded away. “You’re not wearing any make-up.” He faintly chuckled at this.

“I’m sorry, John, I’m sorry.” She sobbed, trying to make up for what she did. “Damn it, those bastards were following us. I thought we had lost them…”

“They knew you’d take them to me.” He smiled still, weakly, chuckling a little. “It was the natural thing for them to do.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” The tears were coming, and yes, they weren’t going to stop anytime soon. Allys knew this already. “Damn those bastards!” She screamed, yet that would accomplish nothing.

John’s eyes slowly closed, looking up at her, looking up at the skies.

“John, John? Can you hear me?” She asked, as his eyes closed more and more. “John, stay with me.” Looking up frantically, she yelled at her friend, she yelled at anyone who would listen to her. “Toni, help me get him into the car! We have to get him to a hospital.”

His eyes were now closed, his body no longer tense with pain, relaxed, fine.

“John, don’t close your eyes. Don’t close your eyes, John!”

She could yell all that she wanted, yet it wouldn’t make a difference at this moment.

And even when she found him, it was still too late. It would have been better if she didn’t start at all.

His closed eyes, his slightly parted lips, his hair waving, dancing in the wind. This will all be gone soon.

This is how the story ends, this is how he was lost away.

Fifteen minutes into the future.




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