Babylon's Run


Dejaŕ vu, it’s all over again.

The phone turns round and around in the air, and as she opened her eyes, it bangs on the phone and falls down on the ground.

Breathing heavily, she puts a hand over her temples and slowly rub the migraine in her head, the banging that have been going on and on for awhile.

The scene that has just happened has not happened yet, the scene that has just happened was just a flash in her head, something that just lasted a second, but long enough to feel like an eternity.

She could even smell the blood in her hands.

“What the…” She rubs and rubs her temples, trying to alleviate the pain. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at the clock.

Newsflash, she has been standing around for five minutes now.

“Shit!” She screams, as she looks around in panic. Quickly grabbing her keys and her wallet, she rushes out of her apartment. Their apartment. The only proof of that now being the random pictures of them both scattered around.

Putting on her coat, still running towards the exit, she speaks frantically to herself. “Toni, Toni was his driver until yesterday, she’ll know where John is.” And before she’s even finished with the sentence, the cell phone was already whipped out and her fingers already frantically tapping on them. “Come on, come on.” She says as she presses the phone against her ear and shoulders, so that her hands could work freely in locking her apartment.

Their apartment.

The phone was busy, beeping and beeping in denial. “Shit.” Allys curses as she quickly hanged up and dialed again. Her feet were taking her on auto-pilot, gliding her down the stairs.

The same beeping response greeted her with a sour hi.

“Shit, shit, shit!” She screamed at the phone, gripping it in anger, trying to crush the thick case protecting its precious little circuits.

And as she’s putting her phone in her pocket, as she’s running down the stairs, not even aware of anything, John still swimming in her mind, she bumps into somebody.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The words automatically came out of her mouth, product of our elementary schools with their etiquette socially accepted responses.

Looking up, her breath kind of stopped with shock and surprise.

The three gentlemen, all well-dressed, collars on their necks, tattoos on their open sleeves, sunglasses in the dark inside of the apartment, looked at her and just nodded, tough.

The Yakuza.

The surprise that opens her eyes wide.

Silence. As she stares open-mouthed at them, and they stare with their eyes hidden by the dark sunglasses over their eyes.

Mood covers.

“S’cuse me!” She stammered, but it was already too late. Before she could even sneak past them, the yakuza in the front grabbed her in the arm, firmly, holding her in place.

Looking at them, Allys tried to swallow, but even that didn’t go as well either.

“You know one John Black, don’t you?” The man said simply, coolly, his voice calm and controlled, without even looking at her, his grip on her arm enough to make her cower a little in fear. “And before you say anything, I want to state, for the record, so that we don’t waste any wasteful seconds in this conversation, that we do know that you know him, and that you probably know where he is also.”

Allys tried to speak, but all that would pass through her lips was a breath of silent air, trying to form words somewhere, somehow.

After waiting a second for a response, the yakuza continued with the same calm voice. “I would suggest that you take us to him, or else end up as a dead woman in the docks.”

Looking at them, a little cowered in fear, she tried to swallow. But even that wouldn’t go well.




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