Babylon's Run


John’s head whirled around when Allys screamed out his name, opening her car door and rushing out onto the sidewalk as fast as she humanly could. “John!” She yelled, as she started running towards him.

“Allys?” He looked confused, stopped in his tracks, as if she was a mirage.

And that was when Allys saw the black car, pulling over the corner, the familiar car that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“No…” She could feel her breath leave her lungs, as the shock and fear rushed down her spines and stopped her right on her tracks. “It can’t be.”

John looked even more confused now, his eyes squinting as if he could make out what was going on.

He didn’t even notice the black car stopping behind him. He didn’t even notice the doors slowly opening from their cracks. He didn’t even see the yakuza pouring themselves out of the car.

And all that she could do was stare at them with breathless fear, her body almost twitching from the adrenaline rush scare.

“Allys?” Was all that John could say, confused, not sure about what he would say.

“Run!” Allys screamed as she pulled John towards the car. John looked confused still, until he looked back and saw them, the black suit gang, starting to run towards them. “Damn it!” She yelled in anger as they reached the car. “Those bastards were following me! I thought I had lost them! They knew I’d take them to you!”

Waiting inside with a confident smile, Toni was trying to play it as cool as she could. “Need a lift?” She smiled as they both piled inside the car, stumbling onto the seats.

“Go, go, go!” Allys screamed at the top of her lung, as the car screeched on and she looked back to see the yakuza distancing themselves further and further, until they were just little specks in her vision.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Allys looked back at John, who was sprawled out on the backseat, trying to get up to a sitting position. “Are you alright?” She asked.

“Yeah, thanks to you.” He smiled up at her.

And for a moment, they stood like that.

Yet she knew that they couldn’t stay like that for long.

“Where’s the drop point with Dante?” Allys asked, as Toni made a corner.

“Some place on 10th street.” She replied. “He should have our passports and tickets ready.”

“That’s a relief.” John said, as he slowly sat up.

Maybe she would beat her vision this time, maybe she could beat her fate.




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