Babylon's Run


The car smelled like cat poo, but that wasn’t what was in Allys’ mind right now.

The streets rushed past by, fast and without a second look.

Toni was yelling at her, her eyes wide open with surprise, her voice almost breaking from both shock and fear. “He did what?” Toni screamed as she looked from Allys to the street and to Allys again. “He went in alone?!” She slaps a hand on her forehead. “Man! I told John the Yakuza were bad news.”

“Hey…” Allys tried to say, but Toni cut her off before she could utter any other word.

“Dante and I had bad vibes about that job.” Toni mumbled as she looked at the rearview mirror, paranoid already from being followed. “I told him not to do it!”

“Hey, Toni.” Allys started again, trying, looking out the window so that Toni couldn’t see her expression, so that Toni wouldn’t look at her and say she was crazy. “Remember when I told you about that double déjà vu? How I had a flash about something and then it became true later on?”

“Yeah,” She replied. “Didn’t you say that it didn’t work sometimes?”

Allys remained quiet about that for a moment, breathing out a heavy sigh, before continuing. “Uh… Yeah… Sometimes…” She looked at Toni. “But anyway, I had one again today, just after John called.”

“Really?” Toni looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Is it good? Or…”

“I don’t know,” She replied, looking down at the air vents on the dashboards. Shaking her head, she raised her view up. “Never mind about that, it’s not important, we gotta worry about a plan to get John out first, right?”

Looking at her in silence, Toni didn’t say anything as she shifted her eyes back on the road again. “It doesn’t work sometimes, right?” She said, after a few seconds of silence. “So that means that your vision still isn’t nailed down as true, so it may not happen anyway.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Allys replied, as she let out another heavy sigh. “What do we do now?” She said as she looked back towards Toni. “We can’t stay here. We’ll have to get out of the city, and maybe the country, and lay low for a bit until things cool down.”

Toni smiled at that. “The oldest plan in the world.”

“Well, it works, right?” Allys said. “John said that both you and Dante were in on this until yesterday.” She paused as she thought about it. “If you’re the driver then Dante was your cleaner, just in case things went sour as they have now.” A pause, as she looked back towards Toni again. “Can Dante get us all the way out of the country within the hour?”

“Well, if he wants to live, he better fucking do it.” She chuckled at this as she picked up her cell phone. “Dante.” She said in the most emotionless voice possible, as her voice-dial memory hurriedly connected her to Dante’s line. She looked annoyed as she listened the phone’s ring, and as soon as it was connected, she spoke up. “Dante? Hey, it’s me. As I’m sure you already know, we’re all in deep shit right now! Those fucking Yakuza are…”
And just as those words were passing by Allys’ ears, she saw him, John, running on the opposite direction, on their side of the street.

“Toni!” Allys screamed at Toni. “Stop the car!”

“What?!” Toni looked so surprised, she almost dropped her phone.

“Stop the car, Toni!” Allys shook Toni’s arm, trying to make her stop. “It’s John! Stop the car!”




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