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IV: Boku (Me)

             The scenes and events in this story do not make a single plot. I know that. Life is not supposed to be a single story. Life is just a bunch of little events tied up with the same character, each a different story than the next.

            There are three sides of me: Liang, Eiji, and Tom. They are the equivalent of me, myself, and I. Or, better yet, the superego, ego, and Id. Liang is the intellectual one, learning and reading, a geek in his own right. Eiji is the cyberpunk one, the entity that lives only on the net, and canít live anywhere else. And Tom is the crazy one, the one who drinks and mischieves, yet is creatively able to write and draw without fear. These are my personas, masks used in order to survive the everyday events that happened by without permission or granting.

            The truth is, Eiji didnít come to life until I was introduced to the wired world of the net. ďClose the world, open the nextĒ was the logo of Serial Experiment Lain, a kind of disturbing anime (Japanese animation) that both excited my creative self and disturbed my conscious self. The truth is, Liang and Tom were always my good and bad sides, which is good, because every writer needs an ego and an id, each side used to write the good and bad guys of a story.

            Each story tells an event from a personaís encounter. First one is Tomís, second one Liangís, and third one Eijiís. Each remembering the tales they told. Each holding dear the memories they hold.

Iím not done yet. This is yet not my end. I have not seen my end yet. Iím starting on again. Arenít you?


---Written by Tom Lin




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