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"...Terrific dialogue... tackle an overwhelming amount of material, huge topics like love, mortality, suicide, persona"                                                      ---Julie Danho

"...images are clear... metaphors are well thought out and fresh. It is a very lyrical piece... some of the philosophy... is a bit stale and unoriginal"     ---Patricia Urban

"...great point that the events in life do not make one plot... Although I really like the idea of the different plots working together to form one everyday life, I was somewhat confused..."                                                                                       ---Joe Schneider

"...Never did it lack creativity and at times it was quite insightful"         ---Josh Harmon

"...a very dark piece... There were moments when the piece seemed to lighten a bit, but Tom stayed true to his purpose"                                            ---Matthew Prestage

"Tom's paper had a diary feeling to it that I liked... overall dark... a small bit of Tom's life over one summer working at a Chinese restaurant and how he experienced boredom and maybe love in his small town"                              ---Supen Phommalee

"...few people would put up with the confusion and finish the work"      ---Pat Tebben

"Wow! This is a great story! I loved it!... Kind of like The Catcher in the Rye... It was dark, and... your thoughts are scary to me"                                              ---Kim Allen

"...manages to demonstrate Tom's fear of uncertainty... captured Tom's apparent feelings toward life in general"                                                               ---Pat May

"...a very bold essay to expose so much of yourself and your thoughts... take on some very serious issues, like suicide, the meaning of life, violence, and love, and without preaching to the reader"                                                     ---Ginny Keyes

"...incredible use of metaphor and simile... the manner in which you use the dialogue, almost as a replacement for character description"                          ---Nicole Craven

"I found your imagery beautiful... Overall I was very confused of your intent with this piece"                                                                                               ---Lauren Hartley

"...very lyrical language... Your elegant language and acute and perceptive observations work well"                                                     ---Ashley Hoffman

"...You are writing about some dark stuff, but you never exploit those people for the sake of your story... Refreshing. Funny way to describe something dealing with suicidal thoughts... unique: it's totally you"                                       ---Amber J. Terzi

"...a little disconnected... you aren't afraid to show your opinion"      ---Sarah Grondin

"...chaotic and rapidly changing. This lends to a style and uniqueness to the writing... also leads to some confusion in parts"                                                      ---Eric Kane

"...begins rather slowly... Overall an incredible essay"                  ---Tiffany Schaeffer




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