Page Eight: Self 

          He never wrote murder mysteries again, nor war dramas or tragedies of the end. Now he only wrote romances, for no characters ever needed to die in these. Although his novels never reached number one again, always lingering around number five or six in the top-sellers. People just weren’t romantic anymore.

            He didn’t finish college, giving it up once again to create the worlds of his daydreams. He did finish the untitled though, his last number one in the charts, giving his character’s shell to another soul, someone else whose spirit still hasn’t found rest. The untitled ended with Kara White revealing to Gon Guree her love for him, and of Gon confessing his own too. Thanks to this, Guree went back to being a writer again, and a happy ending ended the whole novel.

            The police matched Rex’s fingerprints and DNA to the ones found in Danny’s apartment. Yet, because his fingerprints, or the ones belonging to Lynn, didn’t match to anyone in their databases. They soon shelved the case into the unsolved section of their files. Gon was free from their investigations after six months of suspicion.

            Why didn’t Nate blame my God instead of me for his death? These words always came to Gon’s mind every time he passed a church, or people preaching about God and Jesus on the garage-filled sidewalks. For it was my God who killed him, my God who made the decision and choice. Why was I the one who was blamed for his death? It’s not like I chose to live, or to have the life that I have, for isn’t everything scripted? Isn’t everything controlled by God?

            Gon never used to think of God before Rex, for if God existed, why did every bad always happened to good people? Why were people killed without a second thought, regardless of the things they did? Weren’t God supposed to be benevolent? The goodness on the evil world of mankind?

            Now Gon believed in God, for Rex had showed him the truth, Rex had pulled out that knowledge out of him. God did create this world. God did create him. Yet God gave no care for anything else in the Universe. God, like everyone else in the world, only cared about the center of the Universe, only cared about the star of the show, not the sidekicks. God was a hypocrite, just like every human being.

            God wasn’t anything that the world believed Him to be. He wasn’t anything that you ever knew in your life. God is not known, and His true self is hidden. The characters can’t see the author of the story, unless the author revealed himself to the characters.

Gon was now thirty-three, as he did his speeches in colleges again, a promotion for his newest novel on sale. He had decided to stay an extra day at the first college he spoke at. Reynold University had a beautiful scenery, all the different sites he could check out during the day in the peaceful city of Summerfield, and the fair that the college was giving the next day. It was a small fair, compared to other fairs he had seen on the state of Washington. This fair only filled a small space in the parks the college had. Gon didn’t care, he just wanted to visit it for the nostalgia and past memories.

            The fair didn’t contain anything interesting, just the same old clubs promoting, trying to trap innocent bystanders into becoming their new members.

            “Hey, mister, you look confused.”

            Gon quickly turned around when he heard that, the voice containing some familiar qualities to it. And as he turned, he saw it. The same old small stand, the handmade sign hanging on the front of the stand. “Wizard Ken Kuroimahou: He can give you the future you want”.

            Gon felt mesmerized when he saw that sign, and he couldn’t think of anything else as he saw the same man, the same coned hat sprinkled with stars, dark blue cape hanging onto his thin neck. “Hi,” was all that he could think of to say, as he approached the stand, not even knowing why.

            “Today’s your lucky day, sir,” the man replied, in the same confident voice that he had spoken with Gon a few years back, in another small University fair that Gon remembered so well, when he had first met him. “Your God has given you a chance to choose your fate, by just choosing the future that you want.” The wizard pulled out his deck of picture cards again, shuffling them with ease and rhythm. “So, mister, do you want it?”

            Gon stared at him in silence at first, but laughed happily after a few seconds, his body shaking with joy. “I see,” he said, between breaths of laughter. “This is the descending action part of my story, right?”

            “I wouldn’t know, sir,” the wizard replied. “I am not a writer.”

            Gon calmed down after a few minutes, looking at the wizard he knew before. He still looked the same. Time has not yet taken its toll on him. After he had finally got a good look at the wizard, Gon asked. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

            “Of course, sir, we met on another university festival eight years ago.”

            “No,” Gon shook his head. “I meant before that. Don’t I know you from somewhere before that?”

            The wizard nodded, smiling, as soon as Gon finished his sentence. “I was once an unborn character, who was killed before I could even see the lights of my new world.” The wizard spoke in a low voice, as his hands continued to shuffle effortlessly the cards with the pictures. “My name was Ron McKiiroison. Yet, because I wasn’t born and given a body, my name just remained a memory inside my God’s mind, along with the face and body that were going to be mine. Because I wasn’t born, my soul continued wandering restlessly, in look for a world and body I could belong to, that could give me the peace I long for.

“But now I have been reborn into a new body, a new life for me to live. A body and world that was originally designed for someone else, some other soul that were originally suppose to reside there, yet had his fate changed somewhere along the way, and were unable to go to that world. The God that gave me this job in your world told me to reside inside the character that had no soul now, for the soul that was master to it was still residing in the other world. Your God gave me the body that was supposedly done for my God’s soul. I’m now peaceful. I have found my place to belong and rest. My name is now Gon Guree, and I live now happily in my new world.”

            Gon just nodded as he heard this, a smile had somehow stolen onto his face. “So,” the wizard continued, as he looked up at him, “will you take a new future, or not?”

            “How much are they?”

            “You don’t have to pay anymore, considering you have already paid for their prices. Th price was to finish the untitled, and you have already done that a long time ago.”

            Gon nodded again, as he looked up at the bright blue sky, little clouds now snailing across the sunlights. He looked down at the wizard now, a smile once again imprinted on his face, as he finally responded, the sunlight reflected on his eyes. “Which ones do you have?”


---Written by Tom Lin


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