"...have the beginning of a book... liked the depth of the characters"                                      ---Richard Adiansingh

"...deep! I love the title... have many lines of prose that are very romantic"                                                        ---Lee Ann Deeter

"...What an excellent story... engaging from beginning to end... It's like a good movie that you want to see at least a second time"                              ---Dianne Spinazzola

"...liked it from beginning to end... The ending makes me wonder, is he real, are we? I like a story that makes me think or wonder"                             ---Elizabeth V. Kearns

"...allow me to be exclamatory for just a bit and say one word, "WOW!" I loved your story, from the very first word to the one that provides the end. I found it to be completely engrossing and I did not want to put it down at all"       ---Nicole Sandiford

"...The biggest strength, I thought, was the plotting... a story with a dense, intricate plot, woven tight... dialogue is solid, no complaints..."                 ---Richard Sanford

"...contains several interesting, even fascinating ideas and plot lines. However... By the time I got to page 16 I was quite frustrated by my confusion and had to stop reading because I no longer understood what was happening..."    ---Daina Palermo

"...terrific concept(very Paul Auster-esque, City of Lights)... Your lines, dialogue, characters(especially the wizard***) are terrific"                    ---Gretchen Carlson




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