Original Story and art by Tom Lin

Script adaptation by Chaos Neko

So after our anime-source entry, members at Janimes, a forum that I frequent often (Where Eiji Shinrow is dead was first posted at), decided to have their own "create your own manga with the site as your background" contest too, so as a sucker in need for a deadline, I entered. The only difference between this one and the last one was that we were paired and one of us had to be the writer and the other one the artist, and we could only do one of them and nothing more. The script by Chaos Neko didn't come out the way I had envisioned the story, but I did give her the freedom to do whatever she wanted with the original concept I had. The only problem was that the limit was 3 pages, so her ending was butchered and chopped up in order to fit into the page. Reason why I have her original script included in the site, so you guys can check out the differences that came from hers and mine. The original story that I first came up with is included also, but I may just run with it and do a mini-comic about it. Who knows, it may be at the next SPACE!

This is also the first comic I've ever done completely with my Tablet PC, so it was all digitally made from beginning to end (Which is why the panels are so horribly done, and the style looks different from my usual pencil and pen ones), so I apologize in advance about how crude it all looks...

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