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The idea for the 1ONE gun Anthology came about after some of us at Weasel Films were blown away by the awesome movie “The Departed” (and previously, “Infernal Affairs”).  While we aren’t as cool as Leonardo Dicaprio and Andy Lau we wanted to give the genre a shot.  However, it was soon realized we only have one prop gun (purchased at a Halloween store for $5 for a previous unfinished project).  And so one thing lead to another and the idea of making a series of loosely related short films that would somehow incorporate (even if for a fraction of a second on the screen) this one prop.  Films could be of any genre and about anything, but as long as they adhered to these rules:


1)      Use only one prop gun It must appear at least once in the film.

2)      9 minutes maximum running time including credits

3)      1-3 actors allowed to appear on screen at one time

4)      Shooting must only take 1 day (the story may or may not…) (major brownie points if you get editing done within the next day…-_^)

5)      When you post the film let us know! (to keep track of it all) Send a link/post a link on  weasel_films@

6)      State somewhere in the credits (opening or ending) that it’s part of the anthology.


The rules are only there as guidelines and as a means to force filmmakers to get around them.  (Indeed, hardly as challenging as Dogma95’s “Vow of Chastity”). This film and anthology are not affiliated with the "Lone Gun" series/short by Giordany Orellana. Coincidentally it is also about a hire asked to make a sacrifice, but it involves different characters and takes a different turn than our project.  However, I do recommend checking "Lone Gun" out on Youtube.



“Message” itself was inspired by a scene from the comic “Lone Wolf and Cub” and the idea of samurai ritualistic suicide.  While the storyline is a bit cliché it was meant to be the starter project to get the anthology rolling.  This is an open project and people are welcome to make their on contributions to the film.


When it came to filming “Message” the original script had to be cut down to 2 actors due to the difficulty of pulling in a 3rd actor on that day.  The original script called for 2nd man who would confront Jack at the apartment.  After re-writing the script to fit 2 characters, we found we liked it a bit better since it added a tiny hint of complexity to the otherwise 2D characters.


During this editing, however, Tom and I found that we had different visions of the film as well as different endings in mind.  I had a more noir vision (which was partly due to the fact that the end of the prop gun is painted a vivid red which doesn’t show up as strongly in black in white shots).  Tom on the other hand had a more action vision.  In the end we filmed two different versions of the same script, with 2 different endings, and thus covering 2 different genres.  “Message” will be the noir version and “Blue” will be the action version.


“Message” was to be released first and “Blue” after.  I’m not sure why Tom chose to call his “Blue” but interestingly enough a “blue moon” is the instance when 2 full moons occur in one month, which occurs about every 2 years.  So if you’re looking for symbolism, blue= 2.


However, due to recent tragic events, the release of “Message” will be delayed until things have settled down and it would be more appropriate for release.


As for news on “Blue” I’ll let Tom handle that…


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