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When Christina originally approached me about her 1one Gun Anthology, a series of short films all tied up by a set of rules, I had another story in mind to film for the anthology, one in where the events of the movie proceeded backwards, showing the revelation at the end of the film, which would have actually been the beginning of the events chronologically. But before I even had a chance to start on the script, she informed me about the possibility of not filming the film due to the third actor maybe not showing up to the shoot.


Now keep in mind, this was when I had already requested and got permission to get four days off, just in case we weren't able to accommodate our schedules for a set day, and right as we had finished shooting Whisper: Voices and I was rushing around trying to get ready comics for SPACE, so not being able to shoot in any of those days pretty much meant not shooting the movie at all. Instead of worrying about whether we'd be able to shoot the movie or not if we didn't get a third actor, I volunteered to come up with a "plan B", to rewrite the script that Christina originally had as a two-character script, scrapping the third character (And therefore, the need for a third actor) out of the storyline.


And as I finished the rewrite, for some reason, I decided to write an "alternate" ending to the film, one that changed the mood of the story completely.


This was the birth of Blue.


Christina ended up liking what I did with the rewrite and decided to go with that script instead, so a third actor eventually became our cameraman instead (Thank you, Andy), and as we discussed about the script and the way to film it, I talked her into doing a dual-project, two films with different interpretations and endings. Although this originally started as my way of getting the alternate ending filmed (Since it was originally going to be scrapped, or shot IF we had time for it), it ended up as my project just because I wanted to edit the movie in the way I thought it should flow, which grew into me actually directing and shooting different shots from the same script, and making a completely different movie out of it.


And the title itself, it came as a fluke. I had no idea what to call my movie when Christina asked me for the title, so I just sort of blurted out "blue". I guess you could say that the color reflected the mood of the characters, or the way the story goes, or as Christina said in her notes, "a 'blue moon' is the instance when 2 full moons occur in one month, which occurs about every 2 years.  So if you’re looking for symbolism, blue= 2", but seriously, I think I just called it that because that's what the story itself reminded me of as I read it, it reminded me of why we all feel blue sometimes, down at the things life throws at us.


In the end, this film probably wouldn't have been possible if Christina didn't write that script first, so I say the credits goes out to her.


Blue is my love letter to the action thriller genre, and hopefully it'll entertain those who enjoy the same kind of films as I do.


---Tom Lin

05/11/07 0435hrs


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