Babylon's Run


With the yakuza just behind her, Allys didn’t have much chance of getting away, yet she didn’t want to lead them towards her friends’ death, she didn’t want to lead them towards John’s death.

But then, she didn’t want to die herself.

She didn’t know what to do, there must be something she could do.

And that was when she noticed someone nodding at them.

“Dante.” She said in a low whisper, more to her own surprise than to anything else.

Dante was just standing outside his car, eating a burger and some fries, the paper cup of soda on his right hand. Dante, their friend and partner in crime, was just there by chance, eating burger and fries in front of his favorite junk food outlet, which just happened to just be a block away from her place.

Chance and luck had favored on her side. She wasn’t gonna let this one go.

Dante seems to have noticed her, and acknowledged her presence with a nod.

Allys nodded back, and with her hands, she signaled to Dante the simple gist that she needed to lose the guys following her, and that she needed it now.

Dante’s expression changed to a surprised one, and with a serious look, he nodded, and with the burger and soda on his hands, he approached them.

The yakuza didn’t notice anything, just staring ahead at Allys.

And that’s how it happened.

Dante tripped and, with his hands flat out, plastered the soda and burger all over the yakuza, while piling his own body on top of the junk food damage. “Oh, God, crap!” He yelled as loud as he could as he pushed himself harder on the yakuza, blocking and almost pushing the leader on the ground. “Shit, shit, shit!” He yelled.

And without a second lost, Allys ran away from them.

She could hear the yakuza yell out obscenities, screaming at Dante for what he’s doing. This was a perfect chance, she couldn’t let it go.

And before she knew it, she was knocking on Toni’s apartment door, yelling for her to open up, screaming at her to hurry the fuck up. “Toni?” She howled at the top of her lungs. “Toni, you here?”

Looking frantically behind her the whole time, she saw no yakuza behind her, and everything looks good to go. “Toni? Toni?” She said, as she tried the door knob.

It was open, the door creaked open when she tried the door, and the messy room inside Toni’s apartment became visible from the hallway she was at.

“Toni?” She asked in a lower voice as she stepped inside. “Toni?”

The room was quiet, the background noises of the neighborhood barely flooding the messy space.


And that’s when she jumped from her own imaginative fear, as a low moan reached her. She let out a gasp, and, realizing her own silliness, looked around for where the noise was coming from.

Toni was under a pile of clothes, herself half naked, her breath stinking of whiskey and rum, mumbling dream talk that nobody could understand.

“Toni!” Allys yelled as she started digging Toni out of her slumber grave. “Toni, get up! Get up! GET UP!” She wasn’t responding, even as Allys tried to pull her awake from her dreams. “John’s in trouble, Toni. Get up!”

Toni’s eyes were half open, looking drunkenly at her, eyeballs almost rolled up to unconsciousness again. “Toni, you know where he is? You know where John is?”

“Huh? What? John?” Toni replied with the voice of a mumbling fool. “Yeah, I know where he is…”

“Come on,” Allys said as she tried to pull her up from the mountain of mess again. “We gotta go get him! The Yakuza are coming for him!”

“Yakuza wha?!” Toni was starting to sound awake, as if the words ‘Yakuza’ punched some sense into her.

“Take me to him, Toni!” Allys continued as Toni was starting to cooperate, slowly standing up with Allys’ pulls. “We gotta get outta here!”




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