Unknown, Unnoticed



           Ron didnt appear at our graduation, as the class puzzled over his whereabouts, when his name was called out by the principal of the school, and no Ron appeared to respond to the name. I had bought a golden ring then, hidden inside my pant pocket. I wanted to tell Katherine about how I felt. I wanted her to understand my feelings.

            We met after the whole graduation ceremony ended, as we slowly walked away from the noisy crowds, celebrating their new freedom, their departure from the years that theyll miss. Too bad our universities are so far away from each other, I said, as we walked onto the street. It would have been cool if we all went to the same university.

            She just nodded, as she quietly walked along, her head down, as if lost in a deep thought. I fumbled with the ring box in my pocket, a little nervous about the whole confession stuff. Hey, Kat I began to say, hands shaking a little as I showed her the black leather box. I bought you a little graduation gift, I hope you like it.

            She looked at me blankly at first, as if she forgot who I was, one more stranger in the streets of the city. She opened the box and stared at the ring for a while, as if unsure of what to do with it. G-go on, try it on. I stuttered with nervousness, feeling a little sweat trickle down my cheeks. Itll be a g-great memento of our friendship, so that everytime you see it, youll remember me and all the good times w-weve had together.

            She continued to look at it a little longer, before she closed the box and handed it to me. Im sorry, Sean, but I cant accept it.

            Why not? I almost screamed, as she continued walking, not replying to the question. I saw that this was my last chance to tell her my feelings, for I knew nothing else to say, or do, to make her understand them. I love you, Kat. This is my way of telling you my devotion, this ring Im offering, so I can at least know that you feel something for me. Do you feel something for me?

            She looked up at me and smiled, a gentle one, too small to be noticed by anyone else. Im sorry, Sean. She replied, as she handed the box back to me. I just cant accept it, not like this.

            That was when I realized that I had lost her, somehow, the only thing that I have ever pursued for. We didnt talk anymore as we departed on our separate ways, each going away from the other. I still hold the ring till this day, still unable to let her memory pass away.




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