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Written by CP Chan, rewritten by Tom Lin


(opening credits as message is playing)


Voicemail message: You have 2 unheard messages….”Hey, honey, it’s me, Carrie.  Just calling to let you know I’m home early and that I’m going to make you pay for missing our lunch date by forcing you to eat the extra big dinner I’m making.  You’re going to take it and you’re going to like it.  Don’t be late!”


CUT TO close frame of Jack on his cell phone.  He’s walking on the street with it.  He smiles to himself.


CUT TO opening title: “Bullet #1: Message” while 2nd message starts to play


Voicemail message:  2nd message…(silence…then…) *opera music*


CUT TO Jack, wide with a scared look in his eye that is on the border of horror.  After a the first few notes of the song he drops his phone (or puts it in his pocket) and jets down the street.  He runs frantically and the street does not necessarily need to be crowded…he just needs to show that he’s really scared and that he feels there’s a dire need for him to get home.


After several shots of Jack running towards, from the side, up stairs (from under), etc of him running.  Intercut the folding of an origami lily (black and white double sided paper).  POV shot running up to the door. 


Jack bursts into the apartment, out of breath, and as soon as he rushes into the apartment, a gun rushes in from off-screen and points at him right at his face.


Jack’s face contorts into a painful expression, as he looks towards the person pointing the gun, the camera swirls to reveal the killer, a girl, dressed up in a black suit and white shirt, her collar open with the top two buttons unbuttoned, the gun held firm in her white gloved hands.


Carrie: Hello, Jack.  It’s good to see you again.


Jack doesn’t respond.


Carrie: I wish I wasn’t the one who had to do this, but the truth of the matter is that you’ve sinned greatly against Father and I’m afraid there is only one way for you to gain his forgiveness.


Jack just shakes his head and looks down at the floor.

Jack: So you’re the one who’s going to shoot me?  Carrie?


Carrie:  (laughs) I’m sorry, Jack. I’m but a contract killer, and as you know, this is nothing personal, but business itself. I’m not going to shoot you.  You are not a dog and I am but a messenger. What Father wants you to do, Jack, is the right thing.  (she turns the gun around and gestures with the handle).  He still believes that it is still possible for you to die with the dignity, as a hero.


Jack looks up at Carrie for a moment, perplexed.


Carrie:  You know how these things work out.  You only get one chance to regain your honor, Jack.  This only has one shot in it. You know what you must do. Only then will you be able to atone for what you have done and only then will Father forgive you.  You cannot run from him, Jack. So, go on, Jack. Do the right thing.


Jack doesn’t respond, distraught.


Jack: So this is all just a job, right?


Carrie: Excuse me?


Jack: (Looking down, almost in tears) This… All of this… This was all just a job? Just a way for you to get close to me so that you could spy on me and kill me when the moment is right?


Carrie says nothing, but looks at him with the gun still extended out.


Jack: (Looking up at her) Was any of it real? Was anything that we had not fake?


Carrie still says nothing.


Looking away, Jack chuckles with tears in his eyes, laughing at his own foolishness.


Jack: Of course, it doesn’t matter, right? (Extends his hand and takes the gun, and looks up again, this time firm, not emotionally broken down anymore) It is all just a job.


Carrie’s face remain the same, as her hands folds in front of her, a servant in the ways of the world.


CUT TO Jack gazing at the pistol in his hands while sitting in the bathtub lined with plastic bags (preferably clear or lighter trash bags so as to contrast with Jack’s figure). After some silence CUT TO Carrie, you can slowly see that she’s getting upset, tears maybe forming in her eyes, as she places a CD into a stereo and fiddles with the volume dials. It starts to play opera music loudly. Carrie sits down and begins to fold another paper flower (a water lily this time) out of black paper.  CUT TO Jack sitting in the bathtub, again.  He turns back to the gun.  Zoom slowly in on the gun from his POV.  The opera music is muffled or quieter in the bathroom than from outside.


Cue the music to normal volume.  Show a series of scattered shots of Jack looking at his hands covered in blood. Intercut this with shots of him kneading his brow (not sure if it’s present or past).  Show shots of blood dripping into a puddle…(slow mo). Show shots of him taking a plastic bag and whipping it over something.  Show shots of him walking along a bridge and looking over the edge as if he’d thrown something down there (insert the sound of a splash to signify this subtly). Intercut shots of Jack checking money bills from an envelope. Shot of him aiming the gun at himself…pressing against his own temple or neck. Shot of Jack being handed a piece of paper with Carrie’s name written on it. Shot of him crumpling it up, looking to the side distressed.


Jack turns the music off, which causes Carrie to turn around, as she finishes folding the origami flower. She looks up and turns around to see Jack standing there with the gun aimed at her instead. A subtle detail is that Jack is no longer wearing his dark dress jacket.


Carrie: Hi. (She says gently, softly, a gentle smile on her face)


Jack: Hi. (Firm, a confident smile on his face)


CUT TO a quick flashback scene, home movie footage (Film using Christina’s camera, to get the low resolution look contrasting the look of the film to signify a flashback) of the lake and then panning to her walking up and down, playing at the edge of the lake (Mirror Lake?). Ends with a close shot of her taking his hand.


Carrie: I didn’t think you’d go down just like that.


Jack: You know me that well, huh?


Carrie: I did always believe that you were much stronger than just killing yourself.


Jack: I guess you believed right.


Carrie: (Giving out a sort of relieved sigh, and then looking up) Remember when we first met?


CUT TO home movie footage of the lake, with either characters in it.


Carrie: (Continuing) How shy you were to just say hello, or even just look at me in the eyes and smile.


Jack smiles at that.


CUT TO home movie footage of Jack sitting on a bench by the lake.


Carrie: (Looking up, as if daydreaming) I just wish that we could just go back to that time again. (Silence, thinking) And maybe just start it all over. Maybe just stay in that warmth.


Close up of Jack’s lips.


Jack: (Softly) We wasted too much time not telling each other how we felt.


Close up of Carrie’s lips.


Carrie: (Softly) We wasted too much time not telling each other how we felt.


Silence, as they both stare at each other, knowing how each feels, a slight moment quiet, alone.


Carrie: You know you can never escape from Father, right? How you’re damned to keep running from him forever and ever until you die?


Jack: (Silence, as he looks a bit down, contemplating on it. But when he looks up, his eyes are confident, sure of what it wants) Then I’ll be damned.


Jack pulls the trigger.  CUT TO an establish shot and insert the sound of a single gun shot.


CUT TO Jack walking out of the apartment carrying his girl.  The angle is from behind him and framed by the open door.


CUT TO Jack sitting with the body leaned up against him, on a bench seen in one of the home movie footages, at the same lake that the flashbacks showed. It looks like she’s sleeping on his shoulder.  He has his arm wrapped around her.  Take a long shot from behind them looking over the lake side.


Shot of the lily spinning or lapping on the waves in the water


Shot to remain on the flower, and slowly fade to black.


Voicemail:  “You have one unheard message…(Jack’s voice kicks in) I’m so sorry…can you find it in your heart to forgive me for I can’t seem to forgive myself.”


(Roll credits)



Alternate ending


Fade to black.


Voicemail:  “You have one unheard message…(Jack’s voice kicks in) I’m so sorry, Father, for I have sinned…Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”


Close up of Jack’s lips.


Jack: For I can’t seem to find it in my heart to forgive you.


Shot of Jack, everything in slow motion from now on, standing amongst a crowd of people as he closes his cellphone.


Jack: (Voiceover, as the message continues) I will not run. And I will not accept this fate that you have given to me.


Farther shot of Jack, as he turns around and starts walking amongst the crowd.


Jack: (Voiceover, as the message continues) These are my choices. These will be my consequences. I will choose the path that my future walks in life.


Close shot of Jack’s face amongst the crowd, as he’s walking.


Jack: (Voiceover, as the message continues) I will end this in my own way.


CUT TO black. Roll credits.


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